Uzi & Ari / TaughtMe split EP!! Björk Covers

Several months ago I met my dear friend Ben (Uzi & Ari) at the San Francisco Airport. He was returning from a Japanese tour and I pegged him with questions about the far East, surely aggravating his jet lag.  After hugs and words we made our way to my studio where he settled in for a pair of days. During his stay he tracked two tunes.  The first was a new version of "Soggy Snow Shoes on The Front Porch" from his "It Is Freezing Out" album. The second was a gorgeous cover of Bjork's "Unravel".  Using my new--but old--upright, some bells and his voice, he gave a sincere and lovely  high five to Bjork, an artist we've both been enamored with for ages. So it made sense for me to follow his lead and do my own Bjork cover. I chose to rebuild "Who is it" from her "Medulla" album, my favorite of her catalog.

To my joy, Ben proposed that we release the covers as part of a Uzi & Ari/TaughtMe EP that he can sell during his approaching solo tour in Europe.  The disk includes a TaughtMe remix of Uzi & Ari's "Thumbsucker", an Uzi & Ari remix of TaughtMe's "Strangeness", as well as a new song from each band.  The physical version is clothed by Aubrey's beautiful photos (shown above).  We'll be selling the EP as a digital download here on Clumsy Congregation once Ben's tour ends.  For now, hear our Bjork covers if ya'd like: