Fall 2011 Update

Hi there fellas and gurls!

Its been such a long time. Here is a brief update about what is going on in the world of TaughtMe, Uzi & Ari, etc.

I have been co-making a damned brilliant album by my friend Jay Henderson. I spent 2 months in Utah tracking with him in his terrific studio.  It was a deep joy to work with several very talented players.  At home once more in San Francisco, we are now preparing to enter the studio to lay down strings and woodwinds. I'll return shortly to report on all of this, as the album is one of strong beauty and I expect you'd benefit from hearing it.

In other news, Ben (Uzi & Ari) is flying into San Francisco shortly. He and I are going to finish his new album "Are You Haunted?" which was described in a kickstarter campaign months ago. Without giving too much away, there are some big changes afoot related to Uzi & Ari. Stay tuned.

As for TaughtMe, I am still piecing together a new album called "Am I Old?".  I expect to really dive in and solve that one in January.  In the meantime, I have been uploading a few items to my Youtube page. Below is a glimpse of the album.