TaughtMe Euro Tour Recap


We are back. Back to the USA and happy to have a new president elect. Tour was many things. It usually is, I find. If you wanna see some images of us wandering about, you could try Adam's blog. Thats where I got the photos on the left. It is found here.

We want to thank the many many people who became family for a day. Few scenarios compete with being welcomed into a strangers home to be fed and friended. Deep rich thanks to those of you who gave us this pleasure. We hope to know you again somehow.

I also wanted to mention 2 artists that we met and performed with. When touring, one can easily become bored with musicoverall, as it is your sole daily focus. It is therefore exciting to find someone making beautiful and rare. things. We found this a few times in Europe. 2 come to mind.

The first is a man named "Matt Elliott". Matt is from the U.K. and apparently has been touring for over 8 years. He is well known throughout much of Europe. His music is very masculine and haunting. I imagine men from the past, for some reason. Aubrey told Matt after his show that she was imaging men on whaling ships while he sang. I also find the imagery fitting. He has a rich deep baritone and uses it economically. Live he was playing alone, layering various instruments into lengthy dense compositions. Find him on myspace or on youtube.


The second charm that we found is a group called "Finn." Finn. is essentially one german man named Patrick. He sings aching songs that are romantic and gorgeous. Adam and I were rapt during his show and  happy to learn afterward that he is a terrifically nice person as well. Apparently he doubles as a fasion designer and sound engineer. Please hear him! myspace.

Lastly, in case you weren't yet made aware by my constant pestering on Myspace, we are offering a really great TaughtMe package to help cover our tour expenses. Check out those


details here.

Thank you folks.