"Lady" is done... good grief

I shudder to acknowledge that it is March 2008 and I am only NOW announcing the completion of this album. Most of the songs on "Lady" have been around for a long long time and they've become tired in my throat as I've sung them place to place. I regret that its been often unpleasant to mix and complete songs that are no longer on the fringe of my tongue and heart.

So here it is. It's the 3rd TaughtMe album. "Lady" is layered less densely than "Arms as Traps". That was intentional. I wanted to strip things down a bit. Heres a list of the songies:





5-Stomping Of Boots



8-I Told Ya So



11-Your Struggle Using MY Chest

12-Stranger Struggle

13-Leave Our Hearts

The album will be available in September. It will be released in Europe by my friends at OWN records and in the states by my friends Kilby records.

betting on the muse,