I'm Staring Out The Word (Stina Nordenstam Cover)

In 2013 I started a project called "Trying Song". I planned to record numerous covers of my favorite female singers. After releasing the first tune (a Cocteau Twins cover) I broke my arm badly. However bogus, That's been my excuse for stalling the project. Tonight I found an old recording of a Stina Nordenstam song that was originally meant to be fleshed out with instrumentation. I like it as is though, so I've added it to the collection. 2 now! Hoping for more soon.


K Is For Kids Netflix tune

Some work isn't.

Recently I answered a call from Andrew House over at Netflix. He was buzzing about a project which was "short for time but big on creativity." Netflix was making an instructional video for people who distribute content in their "kids profile". The piece would advise them about what was--and was not--allowed to show children.  Rather than make your typical content advisory spot, they wanted to build something much more interesting . Their plan? :: Puppets! They filmed puppets leading by awful example: Puppets cussing / Puppets smoking / Puppets talking about sex // Bad puppets showing precisely what type of content can't enter the kid's profile.

Im In!

My role was to create the theme song and to design sound.  I borrowed heavily from Sesame Street (as you'll hear) but aimed also to get much trippier during the outro (Sgt. Pepper's was a reference throughout). Unfortunately the full version is not public so I can't share the naughty puppets :(   but you can view the "intro" and "outro" below.

Huge props to Gabe Dominguez and Sonya Cotton for performing this song 8 separate times (!!), each as unique personas pulled from their minds.  Also deep hugs to Mike and Peter at West Channel Music House for compositional help and instrumentation  and of course big respect toward IV Animation studio for the stellar visuals. You can get a deep glimpse into their process for the piece here.