(   (  ( ((  M u s i c !!  )) )  )   )   It's been my truest loves. I wanna speak as music. Mostly this occurs as TaughtMe or playin' in Farallons. But beyond these personal projects, I'm a producer who helps others fulfill their musal message. Explore below some of the projects I've touched.

  • Mike Sempert - "Mid Dream"
  • released May 2014
  • overdub tracking engineer (vocals, piano, percusion, etc.), pal support

Mid Dream! Immense glad to have helped here. Mike entered my life while I was co-producing Jay William Henderson's "The Sun Will Burn Our Eyes".  Jay and I were both wise and lucky, commissioning Mike to build arrangements for the tunes. The man is endless talent.  on "Mid Dream" Mike invokes raw heart without the electronic decor of his previous work in Birds and Batteries. My humble role on Mid Dream was to track overdubs (lead vocal, piano, etc.) and to be a friend. 

  • Jay William Henderson "The Sun Will Burn Our Eyes"
  • released May 2012
  • co-producer / engineer

I'm giddy to introduce the most important thing that I did in 2012. I was approached by Jay William Henderson (of the Band of Annuals) with an invitation. He asked me to link hands and minds with his to build his first solo album. I traveled to his beautiful Utah studio where together we devoted ourselves to the cultivation of 9 gorgeous tunes. The process was a true joy and I become sappy now to realize that I not only helped to make a wonderful album, but I also made a friend too. The album is stark and deep / melancholic and tender. Someone please explain to me where Jay's voice came from. It has no age. I hear the weariness of a very old man and the innocence of a young boy.  This collection of songs involves a huge amount of talent. I brought in my dear friend Sonya Cotton, whose voice heals effortlessly. And the album would be altogether different without the staggering talent of Mike Sempert, whose arrangements break heart and stir mind. Additionally there were far too many great musicians to list here swiftly.

Deep Gratitude, Jay. Everyone else: HEAR!

  • Farallons "Outer Sun Sets"
  • July 2013
  • engineering, producing, mixing

Oh boy oh boy... I am giddy about this one. Here's the story: Lotsa months ago my dear friend Andrew Brennan approached me to explain that he had quit his day job, intent to chase musical passions. He invited me along. Together we labored in my Oakland home studio where we brought forth: "Outer Sun Sets", the first release by Farallons.  I'm f'real's real proud. I won't describe the noises that came... Instead, please hear below.

  • TaughtMe "Bluebeard" (Cocteau Twins Cover)
  • nov 2013
  • arranging, performing, producing

( ( ( ( ( ( ( T r y i n g S o n g ) ) ) ) ) )  is a series of free cover tunes originally sung by special women.  Only the first offering exists so far.  it's “Bluebeard” by Cocteau Twins. I’m young enough to have missed the group in the 80’s and 90’s, but Elizabeth Frazer’s voice is a permanent truth and it changed me when I found it.  I hope smiles happen when you hear it. We loved building it…such a beautiful song! Aubrey Trinnaman helped with her voice and the artwork.   trying soon: Björk, Kate Bush, Innocence Mission, etc. 

  • TaughtMe "Am I Old?"
  • Aug 2013
  • song-writing, arranging, recording, mixing

TaughtMe is my personal project.  The tunes on "Am I Old?" were built between 2009 and 2013, recorded mostly by myself in San Francisco and Oakland. My hands and mouth are responsible for most of what you hear. I didn't intend to build a collection of brooding monologues. I had even planned to avoid first-person pronouns altogether, imagining instead sonorous landscapes that flirt mindlessly beyond the ego. So I was quite troubled when "Am I Old?" and "The Kids" arrived: clearly human, undeniably egocentric. But they felt right! Gradually, as other tunes surfaced, I accepted that I was composing soliloquies and chose to own the fact rather than temper it. I then named the collection "Am I Old?" and decided to decorate the album with a single person toppling over. "Am I Old?" is my rawest album and my best try so far to get real deep.

  • Sonya Cotton "More Of You"
  • May 2012
  • enginnering, mixing, mastering
  • Uzi & Ari "Headworms"
  • Oct 2008
  • engineering, mixing, helping
  • Uzi & Ari "It Is Freezing Out"
  • April 2006
  • Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Lots More Too....